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The WD-40 Company (WD-40) has been a staple in American households for over 65 years. The brand’s mission is to deliver unique, high-value solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs.

The Challenge

Through our discovery process with WD-40, we uncovered that the brand’s average age demographic was older generations of consumers. Millennial professionals working in construction, automotive, maintenance, repair, and operations weren’t as familiar with WD-40 products.

These millennial professionals represented an untapped opportunity for the company, which WD-40 and BVA decided to pursue.



While product-focused campaigns still served a purpose in educating audiences about the brand’s portfolio, we wanted to introduce a new channel to WD-40’s media mix that would serve as an initial touchpoint for younger, millennial users.

That channel would be Connected TV (CTV).


Reaching More Than 800,000 Millennial Households

By using CTV, WD-40 could deliver their message directly to millennial’s living rooms and tap into a time when their audience was actively engaged in the content they were consuming. As a result, the WD-40 CTV campaign reached 852,445 millennial households in three months.


A Million Millennial Impressions

During its first three months, the campaign generated more than 1,238,325 impressions and averaged 93.5% video completion rate. Leveraging CTV as a tactic in WD-40’s media mix helped increase brand awareness and build brand credibility among millennial professionals.


Reaching a Millennial Audience with Connected TV (CTV)

Our collaboration with WD-40 allowed the brand to identify new growth opportunities, introduce a new channel to their media mix, and establish themselves as an innovative and credible brand to a new generation of millennial consumers.

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