UNTUCKit is an apparel brand that has reinvented men’s fashion to offer something no other brand has successfully provided; shirts that look good untucked. Finally, sloppy tops are a thing of the past!

The Challenge

UNTUCKit originally came to BVA for help optimizing their digital commerce website; the brand’s site was slow and pages took more than 10 seconds to load.

We identified the source of the problem to be multiple layers of code that were having negative impacts on site speed. Since site speed affects everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to conversion rate and revenue, we knew this problem needed to be fixed quickly.



We performed a code audit to prioritize the consolidation of page resources, created a roadmap, and optimized various aspects of UNTUCKit’s website structure using AJAX functionality, Liquid/JS, and sequential load order.


Improved Site Speed = Improved Conversion Rate

These actions lead to a 40% improvement in overall site speed, which, in turn, resulted in a 16% increase in conversion rate.


Improved Site Speed = Increased Revenue

Thanks to better site speed, UNTUCKit considerably improved the user experience (UX) of their commerce website and generated more than a million dollars in additional online revenue due to increased conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, and visitors reaching checkout.


The Million Dollar Impact of Site Speed Optimization

With our help, UNTUCKit was able to effectively identify the reason for their site’s slow load time and make significant improvements to site speed. These optimization efforts resulted in more than one million dollars in additional revenue.

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