About the brand

Revinia is a skincare brand making aging skin a thing of the past by using modern science to amplify the power of nature. Using patented technology and ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, Revinia has set out to disrupt the anti-aging skincare space.

The Challenge

Revinia approached BVA with an incredible product that was unbranded and did not yet have an eCommerce presence. The company partnered with our agency in order to create the new brand concept and build their online store on Shopify Plus. The goal of this project was to create an eCommerce website that would set the foundation for success and be capable of scaling with the brand.


Creating A Plan With Little eCommerce Experience

Being a new brand, Revinia approached BVA looking for an experienced agency partner to not only execute against their needs, but to also help guide their eCommerce strategy. BVA leveraged our Shopify build roadmap framework (in addition to our overall branding plans for the client) to help them define priorities for launching their new brand and website.


Guiding the Path to Success

After conducting full discoveries in regards to their creative, technology, and UX design needs, we were able to make suggestions for their new website and technology solution partners. Throughout the process, BVA provided educational materials and training sessions about the Shopify Plus platform for the client. Working on the Shopify Plus platform to build the new site, our teams were able to create a unique online store that addresses their needs and business priorities.


Through an extensive Discovery process and listening to Revinia’s needs from the get-go, BVA was able to create a new eCommerce store that accurately reflected the radiance of the new brand and its product. Leveraging our Shopify Plus build process, our team was able to systematically create a beautiful and functional new website experience.

By working with BVA, Revinia was able to set their brand up for success on the Shopify Plus platform. Starting out on their growth journey, Revinia has only seen positive performance since the launch of their new storefront.

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