Native Deodorant

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BVA's analytics and development teams have helped me transform many of my ideas into quality features on our site. They are organized, communicative, and collaborative, which is immensely efficient during large projects.


About the brand

Native is a DTC brand that sells clean and cruelty-free personal care products. After disrupting the industry with its subscription-based model and chemical-free deodorants, the brand was acquired by Procter & Gamble and expanded its product line to body wash, soap, and toothpaste.

The Challenge

Native came to BVA to grow their subscription business. The objective of the partnership was two-fold; to build a cutting-edge customer dashboard and grow Native’s subscription revenue overtime by driving adoption, mitigating churn, and increasing AOV and frequency.

At the time the project started, ReCharge didn’t offer an out-of-box theme engine that could be built upon, meaning BVA had to create a completely custom product that fitted Native’s business requirements and was revenue-focused.


A Best-In-Class Customer Dashboard

BVA delivered a fully custom dashboard that allowed users to pause, delay, or add one-time additions to their subscription. Native’s reinvented dashboard rapidly set a new standard in the subscription business, and ReCharge later released a theme engine (Novum) inspired by the designs created by BVA and following the same best practices.


Ongoing Optimization

For the past two years, BVA has worked with Native to fine-tune their customer dashboard and optimize core business metrics, like churn.

Recently, we had a hypothesis that decreasing the default subscription frequency for customers would result in an outsized, positive effect on how long the customer is subscribed. Over 9 months, we were delighted to see that customer lifetime value increased despite the decreased frequency.


Through a repeatable process involving strategy and data and analytics, BVA has helped identify new opportunities to improve Native’s customer experience and has provided monthly actionable analytics to support the implementation of new features and track their success.

By working with BVA on subscriptions, and investing in the right tool and functionalities, Native was able to increase their number of subscribers, grow monthly recurring revenue, and reduce cancellations.

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