What we did: Affiliate Marketing


About the brand

Enro offers reusable, breathable, filtered cloth face masks for kids and adults bringing you the most cutting-edge, comfortable, and fashionable masks on the market.

The Challenge

Enro’s affiliate program was run in-house prior to BVA’s management, and they were not seeing any traction with content partners and program growth overall. Enro and their PR Team needed assistance managing content partners, while diversifying and growing their publisher partner types through their affiliate network.


Finding The Right Affiliate Network

Through thoughtful deliberation with the Enro team, BVA recommended that they migrate their affiliate program to another affiliate network that would provide efficient management tools and a robust and quality queue of publisher types. To ensure no loss in traction with publishers in their current affiliate program, BVA provided its elite services to conduct a streamlined migration with the goal of overall growth. To better connect with all publisher types and support their business goals of revenue growth and brand awareness, BVA recommended the Impact affiliate network with its robust tracking methods and reporting, publisher base and Discovery Tool (recruitment tool).


Planning For Growth

An affiliate network migration and an overall ramp up of an affiliate program can be very time consuming and affect current publisher performance if not managed with expertise. Over four -and-a-half months, the BVA Affiliate Management Team implemented an action plan to migrate the client’s current affiliate program over to Impact’s network, work more closely with content publishers, and diversify and grow different publisher types.


Working With The Right Partners

BVA’s team worked with Impact and our Shopify Certified BVA Dev Team to guide and set up the tracking pixel for the client. We also conducted 1:1 outreach with current publisher partners, effectively communicating that BVA will be managing the affiliate program on Impact and that we’d be assisting them with partnering on the Impact network and switching out tracking links. We conducted 1:1 outreach to new publisher partner types, such as coupon, deal, and loyalty publishers to maximize ROAS in the program. We worked closely with the PR Team to create a list of top publication targets to ensure no overlap and to also leverage the affiliate program through 1:1 outreach and PR pitches as an incentive for earned coverage.


The BVA Affiliate Management Team successfully migrated Enro’s affiliate program over to Impact quickly and effectively while simultaneously ramping up the program to yield significant MoM program growth with multiple publisher types.

Since launch, the Enro Affiliate program has seen a 72% New-to-File rate on orders in the affiliate program; 70% of those New-to-File orders were by content publishers.

BVA assisted the Enro PR Team to leverage affiliate for earned coverage securing 19 pieces of content that has made up 69% of the traffic and 54% of the revenue for the program YTD.

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