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Partnering with BVA has been great for our business. The team over there is awesome, smart, and extremely customer service-oriented.

Tom Montgomery
Founder, Chubbies Shorts

Best known for their iconic shorts and wild prints, Chubbies is a multi-million dollar cornerstone of DTC fashion that embraces their passion for all-American fun and casual trendiness.

History With BVA

Since 2013, we have been working hand-in-hand with the Chubbies team to push the limits of the Shopify Plus platform with the goal of creating an entirely unique commerce experience.

We designed and developed the Chubbies Shopify Plus storefront, integrated a best-in-class technology stack that includes Yotpo, Dynamic Yield, and Klaviyo, and continue to partner with Chubbies today on a commerce strategy focused on bringing the endearing brand into the lives of a growing fanbase.



A sticky buy button with size selection embedded into the mobile experience increased add-to-cart conversions by 40%.


17.6% Increase in Value Per Session on Mobile

The sticky buy button significantly increased metrics year-over-year. Take out your phone and go check it out... we dare you ;)


Crafting Collections Correctly

Little known fact: Chubbies actually offers a few different inseam options! With a simple collection layout, we've made it easier to shop styles and discover new looks.


Short Shorts & A Long History With BVA

With a partnership that spans nearly a decade, the BVA and Chubbies teams have a long history working together to bring the fun-loving brand to life, both online and in the hands of consumers.

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