In the next five to seven years, the subscription market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 68% - that’s eight times faster than eCommerce.

This impressive growth can be explained by a permanent shift in consumer behavior and CPG companies moving to a subscription model. Today, consumers are looking for convenient, personalized, and affordable ways to buy goods and services - all benefits that can be provided through a subscription model.

Many brands have ignored the potential of subscriptions in the past, while others have employed a “set it and forget it” approach that dampens growth. For both, there is a significant opportunity to improve.


  • Program Modeling
  • Tech Implementation & Optimization
  • Adoption Strategy
  • Churn Mitigation
  • Frequency Optimization
  • Average Order Value Optimization
  • Actionable Analytics

Our Approach

At BVA, we help brands prepare for the future of commerce, and we believe that subscription is a part of it. We’ve worked on numerous subscriptions for brands spanning different industries, including food & beverages, health & wellness, fashion & apparel, accessories, and beauty.

We’ve learned along the way that no matter your industry, or brand life stage, subscriptions can be a valuable and powerful tool, but to create sustainable growth you need the right foundation and a data-driven ongoing plan.


Program Modeling

When taking on a new project, we pair each client with a strategist and data scientist to guide them through a discovery process. During this phase, we identify which model works best for them based on who their customers are, what type of products they sell, and how often their customers purchase from them.


A Best-In-Class Subscription Dashboard

Our experience building and optimizing subscription dashboards allows us to quickly and efficiently put forward the right features to create a user-friendly experience that delights customers and keeps them coming back.


A Data-Driven Approach & Roadmap

Our ongoing retainer is designed to continue fine-tuning your customer dashboard, help drive adoption, mitigate churn, and increase average order value and purchase frequency.

We follow a data-driven approach, starting with setting up tracking, to understand the impact of new features on core business metrics. Then, using learning from monthly analysis, we evaluate, prioritize, and propose updates to your strategic roadmap.



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Whether it’s a net new commerce presence or a migration from another platform, let’s build a beautiful, high-converting website on Shopify Plus that drives revenue and accelerates your brand.
Interested in an iterative approach to measurably optimizing your commerce presence? Let’s develop and execute a month-over-month strategy and workstream that supports your business while also prioritizing efforts to maximize ROI.
We believe that no matter your industry, or brand life stage, subscriptions can be a valuable and powerful tool, but to create sustainable growth you need the right foundation and a data-driven ongoing plan.
So you’re launching a new brand, eh? From financial modeling and competitive research to concept building, brand identity construction, package design, and more, we’ll help you turn your idea into a new brand that’s poised for growth.
From product photography and brand creative to personalized shopping experiences and immersive user experience design, let’s give your brand and/or website a creative refresh that will guide your customers down an accelerated path to purchase.
We know how to find your customers in the right place and at the right time. Let’s acquire and retain those with the highest lifetime value through SEO, email, paid search, display, paid social, influencer, and affiliate marketing.
Looking to drive more sales through Amazon or another marketplace? We help brands determine if, when, and how to get the most out of Amazon as well as other marketplace platforms. Let’s optimize your approach and strategy to maximize long-term profit.
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