Today, Google represents over 70% of all global desktop search traffic. This makes Google the #1 search engine on the planet and one of the most important channels for eCommerce brands to leverage.

With advertisements bloating every consumer’s online and offline experiences, SEO can offer a breath of fresh air to consumers. Over 80% of consumers ignore PPC ads, so it’s imperative that DTC brands have a robust SEO strategy to capture more users that are bypassing paid ads.

BVA offers robust SEO services to DTC brands to help them be more visible on Google through keyword optimization, site speed improvements, technical SEO updates and link-building initiatives.

In addition to ongoing services our SEO agency also provides comprehensive search engine optimization implementation and QA for new site builds and site migrations that way your new site can be found on the most visited website in the world.

Our Services

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Content topic development and structure recommendations
  • High-quality content writing
  • Link-building strategy and outreach
  • Redirects implementation
  • Site speed optimization
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Off-page SEO optimization
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Technical SEO

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing and improving your website’s content, functionality and authority to rank higher on search engines. SEO is a hand-raiser strategy that helps you target online customers at all stages of the sales funnel, from the initial research phase to purchase.

Through different methods like on-page SEO (content, keyword optimization, etc.) and off-page SEO (citation accuracy, link-building, etc.) DTC brands can achieve optimal visibility on search engines and drive new customers to the site who otherwise would be browsing competitor sites.

Our Approach To SEO


Site Migration

At BVA, we build high-quality and high-converting eCommerce websites for our clients. But having an amazing site isn't enough, to be found, websites have to be correctly indexed by Google and come up on the first page when customers are looking for a specific brand or product. For this reason, we always recommend including SEO on Shopify build projects.

Our SEO services include optimizing new website builds with foundational and advanced SEO elements to ensure your ecommerce site is SEO-optimized from the time of launch.

For brands switching platforms to Shopify Plus, SEO should be a key part of the site migration strategy. Changing CMS can have positive or negative effects on a website’s keyword rankings and traffic; however with a robust SEO strategy these pitfalls can be lessened or avoided. Our SEO team is here to strategize and work alongside our development team to offer solutions during a site migration.


Ongoing SEO

Once your website has the foundational SEO elements met, it’s time to implement more advanced techniques to improve your brand’s authority and quality for your visitors.

It’s important to continue optimizing your site as search volume changes over time and Google Algorithm updates introduce new ranking signals. Lost visibility on Google can have a devastating impact on the quantity of qualified traffic and revenue for your brand.

Link-building Case Study- Revinia

Typically, it can take a new website approximately 1 year to see rankings and domain authoirty (DA) increase. Revinia’s brand-new DTC website went live February 2021 with a domain authority of 1. BVA was tasked to increase domain authority and improve rankings for targeted keywords through strategic link-building tactics. Our team was able to drastically increase DA, keyword rankings, and traffic in just 10 months.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

  • Can I Do SEO Myself? SEO is a robust program that requires a lot of time for optimization. We use enterprise level softwares to help us achieve our goals. We’re happy to discuss SEO consulting if the client has someone in-house to execute.
  • Do I Need SEO if I’m Running SEM? SEM is helpful for immediate visibility. We do recommend running both for competitive keywords. It also establishes credibility when you have an ad and an organic listing on the first page of a search engine.
  • How Long Does SEO Take? Depending on the original state of the website (keyword rankings, domain authority, etc) but we often estimate 3-6 months to begin seeing a strong ROI.
  • How Do You Measure SEO? Our team will cross-reference your business goals with our organic KPIs to ensure we’re helping move business forward. We evaluate organic traffic, keyword rankings, transactions, revenue and other eCommerce metrics to ensure performance is aligned with your eCommerce goals. We adjust strategy and optimize according to performance, developing search trends and any Google algorithm updates. SEO is a marathon, not a race.

Get a Free SEO Estimate

All brands can benefit from having a search engine optimization strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about our services please reach out to us to chat with our expert SEO agency.



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