By the end of 2021, 88% of all digital display marketing in the US is projected to be done via programmatic advertising.

The world of advertising has drastically changed in recent years, and will only continue to do so. Programmatic ad buying (display advertising) refers to the use of software to automate the purchase of digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves requests for proposals (RFPs), human negotiations, and manual insertion orders. Programmatic is designed to replace human interactions with machine learning and AI-optimization. The ultimate goal is to increase efficiency and transparency for both the advertiser and the publisher.

BVA offers expert programmatic advertising services to eCommerce brands looking to deliver the right message to their target audience in a scalable way.

BVA’s Programmatic Display Advertising Services

  • Connected TV - Partnering with Hulu, Roku, Conde Nast, iHeartMedia, TripleLift, and many more
  • Native Ads
  • Digital Out Of Home
  • Standard Display/Video
  • High Impact Display/Video
  • Prospecting and Retargeting Strategy
  • Partner Pixel Implementation
  • Ongoing Creative, Audience, and Budget Optimizations

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Do I Need Programmatic Advertising?

When to Consider Programmatic Advertising

1. You have plateaued in Google Display Network (GDN) or Facebook. Programmatic changes the way advertisers can reach potential customers. Not only can you access the GDN via most Demand Side Platforms, but you have access to 80+ additional inventory sources that may provide placements that previously were unreachable, and are engaging users in an environment that may be more suitable to driving a conversion.

Programmatic also provides greater opportunities to access premium inventory that may have been too expensive to access with direct buys, or too small to scale with placement targeting in GDN. Through the utilization of Private Marketplaces and Guaranteed Deals, advertisers can utilize their vendors' buying power to access consistent front page billboard size (970×250) ads on placements such as The NYT, Forbes, Business Insider, etc.

2. You Have CRM or Customer Behavioral Data. Most Demand Side Platforms allow you to incorporate your first party data into the platform. From here, you can utilize this to create highly targeted retention and existing customer growth campaigns. This can also provide you with an opportunity to utilize purchased email lists within your display strategy, in an effort to move potential cold prospects through the funnel.

These data sets contain valuable information about customers you already know. They are the foundation of your ideal audience person. Similar to Facebook, most programmatic vendors allow you to create Lookalike audiences that match the profiles of your existing audience.

3. You want to personalize the audience experience Let’s take a look at a retargeting ad served by Delta. Imagine you just searched for a flight to San Jose and now you’re browsing a different website when you see this ad. The messaging is clear, to the point and personal:

Delta display ad

Programmatic provides multiple opportunities for advertisers to provide a specific message to users at the right time based on their audience behavior signals. Specific campaigns can speak to different audience groups. By utilizing 3rd party, lookalikes and remarketing audience targeting, you can shape a funnel and deliver a subtle prompt for the user to take action and move down the funnel. But all these different strategies require multiple creatives with common elements, but the need for different messaging.

Brand identity and user experience are some of the major benefits of programmatic advertising. If this is something that your brand would benefit from, then, you need to begin with programmatic soon.

Get Started On Your Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

If you’re an eCommerce brand looking to deliver the right message at scale, we can help. As a full service digital advertising agency, BVA offers programmatic services using leading DSPs and data management platforms. We specialize in retargeting campaigns that may have been unsuccessful in traditional display ad channels but can provide value for your business by returning lost customers or capturing new ones through contextual messaging.

Get started with us today! Drop us a line if you want to learn more about how our team of experts can grow your online sales volume by leveraging any of these approaches.

Display Ad FAQs

  • What is the best DSP to run display ads on? Each DSP has its own unique advantages. While DSP’s like Amazon, Verizon, and Google have exclusive access to their owned audiences and ad inventory, The Trade Desk, StackAdapt and others have unique audience targeting and creative advertising solutions that have their own advantages.
  • Where will the display ads be shown? When running ads programmatically, your ads can appear in different places across the web depending on how you target your ads, to whom you choose to show them, and the types of ads you create.
    1. On websites that your customers visit: If you've ever seen an ad on your favorite news site or in your email account and wondered how it got there, now you know: websites like these are available for your ads based on the targeting methods you choose.
    2. On different devices: You can show your ads to people across the web and in apps on nearly all devices including Connected TV’s, desktops, and high-end mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, or tablets.
    3. In selected locations or languages: You can choose to show them to customers in an entire country, a certain geographic location, and even to customers who use names of locations in their searches. To better reach your potential customers, you can also target your campaigns to the languages they speak. If your customers speak multiple languages, you can create separate campaigns to manage ads and keywords for each of those languages.
  • What KPIs should I measure my display ads with? A programmatic advertising strategy will vary on a client’s goals, but can be tailored to their overarching business goals. In Programmatic, we can measure:
    • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
    • Revenue
    • Traffic (Clicks/CTR)
    • Average Order Value (AOV)
    • Conversion Rate (CvR)
    • Cost per Order (CPO)
    • New vs. Returning Customers



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