According to Kinsta & Statista, in 2021, 4.03 billion people around the world use email. Experts predict that number will grow as high as 4.48 billion by 2024, making email the #1 platform for reach. Moreover, email has a 90.3% penetration rate among US internet users.

If you want to know how you can reach your customers, email is one of the best channels to use to connect with them. However, eCommerce brands struggle to break through the clutter of the average consumer’s email inbox everyday, and it takes a thoughtful email marketing strategy to leverage this method to its fullest potential. BVA's Shopify email marketing agency helps DTC brands strategize and execute impactful email marketing campaigns to nurture customer relationships and grow sales.

BVA’s Email Marketing Services Include

  • Full Email Program Management
  • In-Depth Audit with Strategic Recommendations
  • Monthly Email Consulting

Full Email Program Management

Our team takes a holistic approach to email marketing by creating an email strategy in alignment with your overall marketing goals. By working in synergy with your other channels, we gather insights to educate your email roadmap and strengthen your marketing mix.

Our Process:

  1. Review current email program strategy with a comprehensive audit and analysis.
  2. Align insights from audit and analysis with company goals to create email program strategy (lifecycle email automations, email campaigns, lists and segmentation, template design & email pop-ups)
  3. Implementation, QA, and execution of email program strategy.
  4. Provide ongoing insight, reporting, and recommendations to continually optimize email program performance.

Shopify Email Automation Offerings

Welcome Series

While your leads are still fresh, it's essential to make your welcome eries the most impactful of your flows. Our team will help create dynamic messaging and engaging content to capture loyalty and engagement with your brand.

Abandoned Cart

Is your abandoned cart data in Google Analytics or Klayvio stagnant or on the decline? A strong abandoned cart email flow will help remind customers they left items in their cart and provoke more transactions that turn into revenue.


Increase your average order value through strategic cross-sell or upsell email flows. Klayvio offers built in flows that automate this process and help gain loyal customers.

Replenishment/Nurture Repeat & Purchase

Get ahead of the customer's wants/needs with replenishment emails to encourage repeat purchases. Your customer is more likely to buy from you if you've gotten ahead of their needs.

Customer Thank You

Form relationships and gain trust with your customers with customer thank you emails after purchase. It can be hard to gain customer loyalty in this crowded advertising space, however a simple customer thank you email can go a long way.

In-Depth Audit with Strategic Recommendations

Our team will perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your current and historical email marketing efforts, provide industry best practices and benchmark comparisons, and deliver a strategic roadmap for building automated flows and planning monthly email campaigns.

Monthly Email Consulting

Our team will help improve your email program strategy and with ongoing monthly consulting across a range of topics including list management and segmentation, automated flows, campaigns, email content and template design, as well as industry best practices and KPI benchmarking.

Do I Need Email Marketing?

In a world where 293.6 billion emails are sent and received daily, it can be hard for companies to capture their audience’s attention. Yet email remains to be one of the most effective channels for driving revenue—brands who an average of 30% of sales attributed to the channel.

Therefore, it should come to no surprise that companies who invest in doing email the right way can see impressive results. According to a study conducted by Klaviyo in 2019, DTC brands generated $3.7 billion in revenue through their platform, with email representing more than 30% of their customers’ revenue.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Acquire new customers
  • Retain customers and build loyalty
  • Automate revenue with email flows

Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

BVA partnered with Klaviyo, the leading email service provider for DTC brands, to create a managed email offering that combines BVA’s expertise in growing DTC brands and Klaviyo’s email best practices.

Revinia Email Case Study

BVA's email marketing team provided exceptional email program strategy services along with automated flows, pop-up form implementation, creative asset development and more. The results paid off.

What Our Email Partners Have to Say

Email Marketing Agency Near Me

Ready for email marketing success? Our team is available to align with you on your goals and how we can help move business forward. We’re excited to chat!

Email FAQs

  • How often should emails be sent to customers? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to email frequency. It largely depends on the preferences of subscribers, so brands should be mindful of how their list responds to different levels of email frequency. Brands that send frequent “batch and blast” campaigns with high unsubscribe rates should consider decreasing email frequency and focus sending to engaged segments. For brands that want to send more email campaigns, a general rule of thumb is to slowly increase the frequency of your campaigns and closely monitor performance.
  • What are trigger emails? Triggered emails are automated emails that are delivered to customers generally as a result of a customer’s behavior, engagement, contact profile updates, etc. The action or event “triggers” the email message to automatically send to the customer.
  • What email KPI’s should I measure?
  • KPIs can vary depending on your overarching goal for email marketing, but we always track the following metrics for our clients:
    1. Open Rate
    2. Click Rate
    3. Click-Through Rate
    4. Conversion Rate
    5. Email Revenue
    6. Revenue per Recipient
    7. List Growth Rate
    8. Unsubscribe Rates
    9. Deliverability Rates



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