Highlighting Our Women in Leadership for Women's History Month

March is National Women's History Month, and in celebration BVA would like to highlight some of the amazing women on our team.

Below you will find a spotlight on some of the women in BVA's leadership team, along with the advice they'd give to other women that has helped them be succussful in their own careers.

A very special thank you to all the amazing teammates our agency has!

Adrienne Williamson

Creative Director

Adrienne IG 1

About Adrienne: Adrienne is BVA's Creative Director that manages the highly talented design team to create best-in-class digital experiences that propel clients' brands forward and connect with more users. With 20 years in the creative and design space, Adrienne brings to the table a wealth of technical knowledge, creative talent, and leadership skills.

Her Advice: "I’ve always cared a lot about creating not only beautiful, feel-good work, but work that means something and has a purpose. My passion has always shined through to my clients and the people I work with, which has served to set me apart from many other people in the industry. When you speak confidently about what is important to you, you can blow people away. Confidence is key… freely speaking about what you know, and what your vision is, goes a long way.

It’s important to tap into each other’s strengths and work together to play off our different skillsets to create an even better outcome. If you do that, you are better equiped to win and to give each other the support that they need. I also suggest getting to know each other outside of work. We are all multi-taskers... starting side businesses, raising kids, traveling and supporting our families, following our passions… the more we can get to know each other, the more we can learn ways to support one another."

Caitlin Byrne

Director of Digital Marketing

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About Caitlin: Caitlin Byrne has been working in the digital marketing space for almost seven years with a primary focus on paid media. In her role she leads a team of five Digital Marketing Managers as well as manage her own portfolio of clients. Her team oversees the strategy and client relationships as it relates to growing BVA's clients through digital marketing campaigns. 

Her Advice: "The two things that have helped me throughout my career thus far:

  1. Be the hardest working person in the room and the most supportive of those around you.

  2. Never ever stop learning."

Elif Yasar

Director of Delivery

Elif IG 3

About Elif: Elif is the Director of Delivery at BVA, overseeing all Storefront design, build, and replatform implementations and managing a team of very talented project managers. Elif has more than 10 years of experience in the eCommerce and agency space, providing a strong background to help BVA create incredible customer experiences for our clients.

Her Advice: "Create your own personal definition of success and own it. Create peer support groups that enables coaching and mentoring others."

Hilary Callaway

Chief People and Inclusion Officer

Hilary IG 4

About Hilary: Hilary is the Chief People and Inclusion Officer at BVA. She has been in the Human Resources space for over 10 years and was BVA's VP of People for over two years prior to her current role. Hilary is passionate about helping employees grow professionally and creating a diverse and inclusive working environment.

Her Advice: "'Don't dim someone else's lightbulb just to make yours shine brighter.' While things have definitely gotten better over the course of my career, I can think of countless times I was pitted against a female co-worker in a competition neither of us signed up for. So I've always made a point to highlight and amplify the success of other women, knowing the way we shine brightest is when we shine together."

Jessica Dawson

VP of Performance Marketing

Jessica IG 5

About Jessica: Jessica Dawson is a Digital Marketing expert with over 10 years of experience managing and growing multi-million dollar portfolios across all digital channels for clients like Adidas, Reebok, J.Crew, Southwest Airlines, Intuit Quickbooks & TurboTax, NFL, Red Bull, and more. Jessica is constantly adapting her skills to the ever-changing digital landscape and, as Vice President of Performance Marketing at BVA, she challenges her team to do so as well. By focusing on the fundamentals, layering on scaleable opportunities, and topping off with new tests that drive innovation, Jessica builds strategies that propel her clients and agency forward. Her progressive leadership skills and results have been recognized by industry leaders such as Digiday and Glossy

Her Advice: "Be your own biggest advocate, both internally and externally. Push yourself internally by learning your weaknesses and building a plan to make them strengths, view all feedback as a 'growth hack', understand your worth by doing research and having open conversations with those around you and in positions you want. Externally, be vocal about your experience, what you can bring to the table, and where you want to go, and don't shy away from sharing your ideas openly. If you make yourself a big deal, you will become a big deal."

Jineane Ali

VP of Delivery

Jineane IG 6

About Jineane: Jineane has 12+ years of experience in the digital transformation space. She leverages her operational know-how to strategically partner with and lead teams that can translate user desires into world class, consumer centric solutions. Under her leadership, teams have architected sites for some of the largest names in CPG, retail, and fashion. Earning her universal acclaim for her ability to take charge, keep teams on track, and drive methodological excellence – leading to satisfied clients and award winning products.

Her Advice: "‘No’ is an opportunity, not a blocker. Let the ‘no’s’ serve as your motivation to work harder, be louder, and advocate for yourself – so long as you learn from it. There’s a lesson in everything we do or do not do. Open your eyes to it, learn from it, and allow it to drive you forward."

Michaela Tredo

Senior Director of Client Services

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About Michaela: Michaela is the Sr. Director of Client Services at BVA and has been in the agency world for 10+ years, beginning her career running digital marketing campaigns and quickly transitioning into a client-facing role. She joined BVA with the Katana acquisition in February 2019, and has now been with the agency for over two years.

Her Advice: "Set realistic goals for yourself and work towards them. Whether that goal is running a project on your own, a promotion, managing a team, learning a new skill, etc. - set a goal and create a plan to achieve it. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day and lose sight of what you are truly aiming at. When you achieve your goal, set a new one - there's no better feeling of empowerment. And create a goal that means something to you - don't think about or compare yourself to others, that will result in disappointment."

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