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5 Ways To Use Reviews & UGC To Boost eCommerce Sales With Okendo

For online brands, displaying reviews onsite and across marketing channels can have a dramatically positive impact on their bottom line. One study showed that just one product review can increase sales by 10%, while 200 reviews have the potential to increase sales by 44%.

Why? Because when customers can’t physically experience a product, they turn to reviews to help make them an informed decision before they buy. In fact, 91% of people read reviews and 84% trust them just as much as a recommendation from a friend.

It’s clear to see the value of incorporating reviews into your site. Read on to learn how you can leverage them to increase sales and drive more revenue for your online store.

5 Strategies for Using Customer Ratings and Reviews to Increase Sales

1. Use Review Data to Create Personalized Email Campaigns

Personalization is the key to creating deeper customer relationships. Research shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations than those who don’t.

Creating unique customer journeys based on their preferences and past behavior allows you to target customers with the information they want and need to make a purchase.

You can use customer and product attribute data captured from reviews to segment your customers and serve them personalized emails. Dog food brand WAG did this by asking its customers to share their dog’s age, breed, and eating habits during the post-purchase review request email sequence.

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They then used this data to segment customers and deliver personalized product recommendation emails which resulted in a 300% increase in placed order rate and a 423% increase in revenue per recipient.

You can create personalized email campaigns using review data by:

  • Using the Okendo-Klaviyo integration’s customer data sync functionality.
  • Segmenting customers by key attributes identified in their reviews.
  • Creating email campaigns based on different customer types.
  • Using past buying experiences to send personalized communications and offers.
  • 2. Add Reviews to Google Shopping Product Listings Ads

    89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine. But in order to capture their attention, you need to be seen.

    Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs) get your products in front of online shoppers by displaying at the top of search results for relevant keywords. And since Google favors product listings with social proof, incorporating reviews helps you rank higher in search results, making your ads stand out and drive conversions.

    One study found that the majority of shopping ad transactions take place with five- and four-star products.

    High-end shoe brand, The Office of Angela Scott, leveraged its customer reviews in their Google Shopping which led to an 81% increase in conversion rates and a 91% increase in ROAS.

    You can incorporate reviews in your Google Shopping Ads by:

  • Using the Okendo-Google Shopping integration.
  • Signing up for Google’s Product Ratings program.
  • Connecting your product and reviews feed to the Google Merchant Center.
  • 3. Incorporate Reviews in Abandoned Cart Emails

    The average abandoned cart rate is 69.80%, which means only 30% of shoppers make it all the way to check out. An abandoned cart email series is one of the most common ways to recover lost sales. Those who have left products in their cart were obviously interested at one point, so you can help persuade customers to return and finalize their purchase by including customer reviews.

    Landing in a shopper’s inbox with added social proof activates their fear of missing out (or, at the very least) triggers their desire for buying the product when they see positive testimonials from their peers who purchased it prior.

    Nimble Activewear does exactly this. They send out abandoned cart emails packed full of social proof to lure shoppers back. Doing so has helped 74% of shoppers with an abandoned cart clicked back through, and resulted in a 16% increase in average revenue per recipient.

    Okendo 2

    You can display reviews your abandoned cart emails by:

  • By using the Okendo-Klaviyo integration’s Abandoned Cart flow functionality.
  • Showing the aggregate star rating and review count for product(s) in the email.
  • Showing the most recent, approved 5-star review in text.
  • Showing a review GIF that cycles through the 10 most recent, approved 5-star reviews.
  • 4. Share Reviews on Social Media

    40% of people use social media for product research.

    Sharing reviews builds trust with new shoppers and establishes a positive brand image. You can share reviews both organically and within retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram to increase product visibility and reach people who might have otherwise not heard about your brand.

    Studies have shown that including reviews and other UGC in Facebook ads increases click-throughs by up to 300%. This is because UGC gives customers a source of real-life opinions and experiences instantly while scrolling through their feed.

    Share reviews on social media by:

  • Using Okendo’s Facebook integration
  • Connecting your Facebook Campaigns Manager to Okendo
  • Building ad campaigns around reviews
  • Adding reviews to product photos and stories
  • 5. Include Reviews in Product Recommendations Onsite

    On average, upsells and cross-sells increase revenue by 10-30%.

    When a customer shows an interest for one product in your store, there’s a high chance they’ll be interested in more of your offering.

    Instead of sending them on their way with just one item, you can use upselling and cross-selling tactics to persuade shoppers to make additional purchases that boost revenue while providing customers with relevant offers.

    Upselling encourages shoppers to buy additional products on top of their primary purchase while cross-selling encourages them to purchase a product in conjunction with their primary purchase.

    Displaying reviews at the point-of-sale while recommending relevant, similar items helps build trust and increases buyer confidence. Someone is more likely to add a product to their cart if it has a selection of positive reviews accompanying it.

    Include reviews in product recommendations onsite by:

  • Using Okendo’s Rebuy integration
  • Including reviews in your upsells and cross-sells wherever you recommend products, whether that’s your homepage, another product page, or at checkout
  • Incorporate Reviews Into the Sales Cycle

    Reviews form an integral part of the sales cycle. Okendo enables fast-growing consumer brands like Knix, SKIMS and Zitsticka to leverage their most powerful asset; their customers. Okendo has all the tools brands need to capture and showcase customer-generated content including product ratings & reviews, photos and videos and Q&A. Brands use this content to build shopper trust, drive conversions and maximize CLTV.

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