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The Importance of Shopify Developer Certification

BVA is the largest Shopify Development agency in the space. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve launched over 200 brands on Shopify Plus, so it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed when it comes to Shopify eCommerce and website development.

Our Story: Becoming A Shopify Development Agency

Having started as a Facebook advertising company for brands like Redbull, BVA’s team saw the opportunity to pioneer its way towards becoming experts in website design and developers in the DTC space. Our storefront team of Shopify front-end developers, backend developers, strategists, and UX/UI designers create highly-immersive shopping experiences that generate scalable revenue for our clients.

Why Did BVA Choose Shopify?

eCommerce growth over the past decade has been massive. BVA saw the opportunity to help grow disruptive brands on the leading eCommerce platform that would also grow with them. Fast forward to today, and just in 2021 Shopify merchant revenue is up 57% year-over-year, resulting in $1.12 billion in revenue for the tech leader.

What does this mean for developers?

Learning Shopify codebase is an important skill to have for career growth as a developer. Plus, working on Shopify sites means you’ll get to work with notable brands across a variety of industries within eCommerce.

We’re Changing The Game: BVA’s Shopify Developer Program

In response to the market need for qualified, expert Shopify website developers, BVA has built-in developer education for our technical team. BVA’s goal is to create a network of Shopify developers that are experts on this content management system and eCommerce platform, so we’ve designed an Associate Developer Onboarding Program.
“Part of our approach is to give the right type of new developer all the tools they need to unleash their passion for technology under the guidance of seasoned, senior developers.” - Howard Salter, BVA’s Technical Learning Manager

Our ten week intensive training program is poised to give new developers all the resources they need to grow their skillset under the guidance of experienced developers. Earning an official Shopify certification is one staple of the course. By the end of the ten weeks, brand-new developers will walk away fluent in the technologies and codebase needed to be successful at implementing new Shopify storefronts.

Shopify certification is one aspect of the program which takes a holistic approach to increasing the skills and effectiveness of these new technologists. By familiarizing new developers with BVA’s innovative development strategy, our leaders help these developers avoid acquiring negative habits while also encouraging them to contribute in a meaningful way to Shopify projects.

We’re Hiring Remote Website Developers

BVA is a fully-remote eCommerce agency offering website design and development services as well as a full media approach for DTC brands people love. We’ve worked with leading brands like Netflix, Spanx, Chubbies and more to transform their online storefronts into conversion powerhouses. Our employees across the US enjoy flexible PTO, health, dental, vision and life insurance and as you can tell, additional learning and development opportunities. Check out our available Shopify developer jobs here.

Diversity & Inclusion

At BVA, you belong. Our team lives by our diversity & inclusion policy, which you can view here.