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What Is Partnership Marketing?

re you wondering what partnership marketing is? If the answer is yes - don’t worry; you probably already know what it is, you’re just using outdated terminology.

Partnership marketing encompasses what was previously referred to as affiliate, but opens the scope dramatically to include strategies like influencer marketing, search and display as well. Affiliate marketing has evolved over the years but at the bottom line, it's all about building relationships and partnerships to be effective in both growth and scalability of your business.

Zoom out: Historically, the term affiliates was used in the not so distant past when radio dominated advertising. Smaller channels, stations and broadcasters were carriers or "affiliates" of a larger network.

Partnership marketing is a more accurate definition of the operations and functions inside the channel; including: strategy, planning, negotiating, implementing, and analyzing both traditional affiliate and non-traditional (social influencer) partnerships to reach users who are unfamiliar with your brand to build interest and drive revenue.

At BVA, our Partnership Marketing programs are built on integrity, honesty, and transparency, with the client’s best interest in mind. We offer:

  • Partnership Recruitment: We develop recruitment strategies based on a client’s target audience and market research and then manage the entire process, including publisher outreach, onboarding, and managing relationships moving forward.
  • Partnership Program Optimization: A common problem for some advertisers in the Partnership Marketing space is inactive publishers, yet our team of optimization specialists are here to help you re-engage and activate those hard to reach publishers.
  • Partnership Scalability: We know marketing is expensive and in this era, marketers need to be everywhere. Our team performs a competitive an)alysis to deliver a robust commission strategy that maximises return on ad spend (ROAS while aligning with channel trends and you budget simultaneously.
  • Influencer Marketing: We’ll research and contact the correct influencers for your specific brand image, negotiate contracts, and review content to ensure that influencers’ content is on brand.
  • Reporting and Analysis: We perform daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly analysis across multiple channels in order to {here} create actionable insights.
  • Compliance: From monitoring your branded keywords to making sure publishers are an appropriate fit for our clients, we know how to make sure your program is always in compliance.

Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach; instead, we believe that each client has unique business needs, and then build individualized programs that meet those needs and put the client's business first. The BVA team of experts with 15+ years of experience have developed and executed strategies that met the needs for our clients. From startups to fortune 500's, we build individualized programs that scale your program and support your marketing efforts.

Partnership Marketing in Action

Our client, Ivory Ella, approached us with the task of launching and growing a brand new partnership marketing program. They were excited about partnership marketing’s ability to reach untapped markets, and were encouraged by the low entry barriers to starting a program.

Their program goals were:

  • To tap into new audiences
  • Leverage their existing social influencers more efficiently
  • Create relationships in time for Q4

Leveraging our strategic partnership program, the BVA Affiliate Marketing Team immediately set Ivory Ella up on Radius (by Impact), bringing their existing micro-influencers onto the program and joining the Marketplace to find new partners. Using Radius’ robust promo code tracking, Ivory Ella was able to scale rapidly, easily tracking and attributing sales to each partner even when they weren’t using tracking links.

By the end of their first full-year on Radius, Ivory Ella had experienced drastic results, including an increase in year-over-year (YoY) revenue of more than 50%.

“We’re beyond thrilled with the growth of our partner program. Between the expert management of the BVA team and the flexibility of the Radius platform, we’ve exceeded our revenue goals and done it more efficiently than we could have hoped for.” - Ryan Duranso, Co-Founder at Ivory Ella

Get Started On Your Partnership Marketing Strategy Today

We look forward to hearing from direct-to-consumer brands looking to leverage their partnership marketing strategy. BVA's experience, coupled with our media and technology partner portfolio, will help your brand find new customers and gain customer loyalty. Contact us to speak to an expert.