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Paid Social Best Practices for the 2021 Holiday Season

When it comes to social media holiday planning for 2021, looking at last year’s performance plays a crucial role. The global COVID-19 pandemic forced social media marketers to shift gears and appeal to audiences on a deeper level. As consumers adjust to new economic and health concerns, past holiday messages won’t resonate this year. To acclimate to these new trends and demand shifts, marketers are strategizing earlier than ever before for this holiday season.

With the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and start social holiday planning now. There are many ways eCommerce and DTC brands can stand out if they do the proper preparation. In this post, we’ll explain how to get ahead of paid social media holiday prep and capitalize on current trends.

2020 Holiday Paid Media Insights

The previous 2020 holiday eCommerce outcomes can teach us a lot going into the upcoming 2021 holiday season. Cyber Monday 2020 alone was the heaviest spending day in history. Holiday shopping shifted vastly in favor of eCommerce last year, and it’s no secret that this will continue into the current year. This shift was amplified by Gen Z and Millennials spending more time shopping and having more buying power than before, lending to the growth of eCommerce. In addition to this, the pandemic helped the Boomer generation become more comfortable with online buying.

But that does not mean the same messaging used in 2020 will work for 2021. After a year separated from families and cooped up inside, many consumers are looking forward to a more celebratory season this year. Whether they are able to see family in-person, or just trying to find new ways to connect remotely, most consumers are still feeling the impact of COVID-19. Re-claiming ‘Holiday Magic’ will be a big play in 2021, as people are longing for normalcy after spending a year inside.

What does this mean for merchants? Extra preparation! Last year, Pinterest advised that early Social Holiday Planning is actually on time, and the same message applies today. Starting as early as possible to craft the right messages and target your audiences will be key.

What To Expect From Paid Media During The 2021 Holidays

People are discovering and purchasing on social media more than ever before. Grand View Research estimated thatsocial commerce represented 11% of global retail eCommerce revenue in 2020, generating $474 billion.

Experts expect to see another extended, eCommerce-driven holiday shopping season this year. Demand online will show up earlier this year, so it’s important for brands to connect with their loyal customers and to start targeting new customers early. With the rise of social commerce, this means taking a mobile-first approach.

How to Prepare Paid Media For The Holidays

Getting in front of your audience now will ensure you are competitive in the space and reach them with applicable messaging before other brands.

As an eCommerce agency, BVA is already implementing Holiday strategies with our brands and using trends from 2020 to advise our ideas and creativity. The roles of stores & digital are reversing, and it’s important to stay adaptable with current trends and statistics to apply to your DTC brand.

When it comes to social media content this holiday season, here are some key things to try:

  1. Lean into influencer content and stay on top of trending content platforms and mediums such as TikTok
  2. Optimize your Affiliate marketing strategy starting now
  3. Focus on making the holidays special this year; provide content that helps capture the nostalgia and magic of the holidays
  4. Make gift-giving easy through gift guides and curated content

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that it’s never too early to start strategizing your Social Media Holiday plans. The earlier you get in front of your audience in this especially competitive digital landscape, the better!

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