Making a Splash on Shopify Plus: Q&A With ViX President, Kelly Stacey

At BVAccel, our mission is the relentless pursuit of profit for our clients. And our efforts working with ViX have paid off as we’ve seen positive impacts on their eCommerce KPIs within the first few months of launching.

Clearly, migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus was the right decision for them. We caught up with Kelly Stacey, President of global Luxury Swimwear brand ViX, to talk about our partnership. Read on to see what she has to say.

Vix Swimwear

What challenges were you facing that you decided to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus?

Kelly: Lack of flexibility. Challenges with rolling out new functionality, integrations with plugins were problematic, time consuming, and costly. We were spending more money maintaining a stable site than evolving as an eCommerce store. We were paralyzed to move the business forward and were losing market position as a result.

What are the biggest improvements/benefits that you saw upon switching over to Shopify Plus?

Kelly: Simplicity still exists. Plugins are simple to integrate & roll out, site speed vastly improved, we saw an uptick in conversion rate after 2 months live. Our metrics are improving so it’s clear that moving to Shopify Plus was the right decision.

Why did you choose to partner with BVAccel for the Shopify project?

Kelly: After meeting with multiple potential partners it was clear that BVAccel was a subject matter expert in migrating from Magento as well as leveraging the move to ensure optimal results. They are excellent project managers and skilled strategists, so they are not just building sites, they are building successful businesses!

What would you say are the top 3 things that you loved about partnering with BVAccel on this project?


1. Communication and processes were outstanding. We were aligned on expectations, deliverables, and decisions.

2. The team had a clear understanding of the brand as well as the expected project outcome. The BVAccel team really understood our pain points and this was clear throughout the project.

3. Our post live review meeting was constructive and moved the relationship forward. The BVAccel team took the time to meet with our team and discuss the project and lessons learned. This approach is no doubt the reason they are achieving success!

About ViX

Designed for women who appreciate beauty, quality and attention to detail, ViX combines the bold sexiness of Brazil with the coastal allure of California. Vibrant colors with unexpected details collide with charming prints and solids to create swim, resort wear and accessories that celebrate the sensuality of a woman’s body. ViX has grown to be a global brand with over 300 employees, a state of the art manufacturing facility in Brazil and over 8 brick and mortar stores. ViX is sold through thousands of specialty stores and luxury department stores in 28 countries.