How to Crush Q4 eCommerce Sales Like a Boss

Many merchants experience traffic surges throughout the months of October to December, but those who prepare will find efficiency in driving over increased order volume and even greater customer retention during the Q4 holiday season.

With this in mind, always remember the 5 p’s to success: “proper planning prevents poor performance.” Here are a few tips to help you prepare for crushing Q4 (like a boss):

1) Efficiency is key

Take advantage of technology and spend the time necessary to educate yourself on the features and benefits of apps, integrations, or platforms you’re already using. As Aaron mentioned on the previous page, eCommerce automation can streamline operations and accelerate campaign launch initiatives. Using tools like Shopify Flow to save time and offload repetitive tasks, you can automate segmentation with customer tags based on purchase behavior or demographic, hide/show content based on product stock levels, or send customer service notifications to review high-risk orders before capturing payment.

2) Focus on the process, not the outcome

Like a championship sports team, success relies on executing a methodical gameplan. Prepare your holiday plan this year by scheduling promotional dates (check out Shopify Plus Launchpad!), email campaigns, storefront updates, and value propositions far in advance. And always empower your team by cherishing the small wins throughout the launch schedule to help them carry the momentum forward towards victory.

3) Creatively merchandise products

Thinking outside of technology and automation, remember content. Create a holiday gift guide or curate collections that inspire product discovery. This way, you’ll guide shoppers along a planned path-to-purchase full of unique products and appealing value. 

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday
BVAccel collaborated with to launch the “12 Days of Christmas” advent calendar. For nearly 2 weeks, daily store promotions generated a viral buzz that spread campaign awareness and motivated previous customers to buy again.

4) Educate customers so they can make confident purchase decisions

Reduce buyer anxiety by presenting a customer friendly Return Policy that emphasizes refund/exchange conditions. In addition, provide shoppers with opportunities to have their questions answered, whether it’s through an FAQ page or direct communication using Live Chat.