Why UX Audits Are the Best Way to Start an eCommerce Project

If you are planning on making improvements across multiple touch points on your site, a user experience (UX) audit is a good place to start.

For you, this is an opportunity to gain insights and understanding across the entire scope of your online store from a team that works with eCommerce sites every day. For the designer, this is the time to get acquainted with what’s currently live on your site; what the store is doing well, how problems are being solved–or not–and how the experience can be improved. For the full team, it’s a chance to share collective insights, express desires and unite on the path forward.

Get Audited

What is a UX Audit?

A [UX Audit](https://bvacommerce.com/services/creative-ux-design "UX Designs and Audits") is a document that identifies key performance issues and opportunities within your current online store. The designer dives into competitors, audience, analytics, and industry to paint a broader picture of the challenges your store faces. We consider how we can improve the shopping experience by taking past successes and working those insights into solutions more specific to your customers. This boils down to a presentation that clearly outlines:

  1. Areas of Friction
  2. Opportunities
  3. Solutions

Why is this important?

1. We’re eCommerce experts, but we don’t know everything about you. Yet.

It would be mindlessly naive for us to assume we know everything about your business when we’ve only just started working together. We may have the advantage of being familiar with other brands within the industry, but every business is unique, and we need time to get familiar.

By making UX Audits our first touchpoint, we allow our team to get up to speed with yours.

The pain points, opportunities, and solutions we provide may be: absolutely revolutionary, spot on with your ideas or slightly off the mark. This ‘slightly off the mark’ situation is an opportunity in itself. By presenting this UX Audit, we open up a conversation that helps us better understand what solutions you may have tried in the past and what feels like a good fit for the future. Getting on the same page as early as possible gets us closer to that award-winning, goldmine of a site.

For clients who have worked with us for extended periods of time, a UX Audit is an opportunity to realign on what the site is doing well, what problems haven’t been addressed yet and where we should bring the heat in the coming year.

2. We provide insights with a fresh perspective.

Online stores are all consuming beasts, and like Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, they are never finished. It’s easy to become swallowed up by the day-to-day efforts of keeping a store going while losing sight of big opportunities.

Our UX team has worked across more than 80 brands, which gives us a good idea of what works well on eCommerce sites, and what doesn’t. As we scour through your content, we’re able to provide holistic UX solutions that minimize the cognitive friction across your site. The faster a customer can make a choice, the greater their chance of reaching checkout.

3. Together, we build the roadmap.

The UX Audit creates a more detailed picture of the path forward. Together we sort through the findings to build a list of initiatives which will get prioritized by:

  1. Significant KPI Initiatives
  2. Level of Effort vs. Reward
  3. Backlog

We are a solution based agency. We want to help move your site forward as efficiently as possible. Ideally, we can tackle low hanging fruit found within the UX Audit that can be working to improve your KPIs while we work on larger initiatives that will require a greater investment of time upfront. Let’s get started.