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How Fashion & Apparel Brands Can Use Affiliate Marketing to Leverage ROAS

In a cluttered online space, it can be challenging for retail brands to isolate groups of shoppers and focus on the timeframe they convert. Luckily, advertisers have found a solution to reduce comparison shopping and drive additional revenue. Fashion and apparel brands can leverage an affiliate marketing program to drive sales with maximum return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Affiliate channel involves partnerships that can reach every aspect of the sales funnel. Whether you are looking to drive strong volume or high average order value (AOV), the affiliate marketing channel will help.

In today's marketing space and the nature of the savvy /social shopper, your brand needs to be everywhere. Affiliate marketing is a blended mix of partners to maximize exposure in one channel. Brands leveraging affiliates look for partners to actively promote their product through campaign- specific engagement at the top of the sales funnel or drive passive revenue at the bottom of the funnel through sales, making room for new inventory. In this post, we’ll explain how fashion and apparel eCommerce brands can use it to leverage ROAS.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Fashion & Apparel Brands

  1. Strong return on ad spend
  2. Scalable and trackable
  3. Cost effective
  4. Sells high value products
  5. Offers multi-channel campaigns
  6. Aligns with your public relations strategy

Strong ROAS

Affiliate Marketing is a proven performance-driven channel. You can maximize your return on investment (ROAS) by setting the commission of sales to match what you're willing to spend in marketing dollars. With affiliate sites like Rakuten there are plenty of opportunities available for those who don't want to pay high fees up front.

Scalable and Trackable

Having an affiliate platform provides tangible data to track performance, monitor trends and forecast budgets. With insights into several dimensions of the purchase path, you can dynamically commission the sum at checkout or automate conditional commissions to maximize ROAS.

Cost Effectiveness

Fashion and apparel brands can use the affiliate channel as a passive source of revenue. WIth a multitude of partners across several promotional categories you will be able to drive on average $20:1 returns with only 10% of your total marketing budget.

Sell High Value Products

Merchants can strategically leverage the affiliate channel to drive new products or affiliate only exclusives. Publishers have successfully driven new, qualified traffic to high average order value (AOV) items and diversified a brand’s representation with curated brand messaging.

Multi-Channel Campaigns & Partnerships

Affiliate partners have evolved overtime to be more than a store page link. You can leverage affiliate in multiple ways:
  1. Gain access to thousands of micro influencers by partnering with LTK
  2. Reward devoted customers by partnering with loyalty partners like Rakuten
  3. Supplement search campaigns with partners like RetailMeNot & Honey

Align With Your PR Strategy

Having your public relations strategy align with your affiliate strategy is especially important for fashion and apparel brands as they look to partner with more content and media partners. Content sites like WhoWhatWear, PureWoW and SheFinds frequently ask for affiliate links to include in their editorial and product roundups. Having an affiliate program in place is a cost effective way to optimize with more of these fashion-focused content sites.

Agency Affiliate Marketing for Fashion & Apparel Brands

Where to start? … There are several affiliate platforms to use and even more agencies to manage your program. BVA has a team of affiliate specialists with a combined 20+ years of experience. Our team is driven to meet your program's goals by establishing an affiliate strategy that is data driven to meet and exceed your KPIs.

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