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2021 eCommerce Holiday Marketing Checklist

Now is the time to prep for the major revenue-generating 2021 holidays that are quickly approaching. To help you get ahead, we've created a handy eCommerce marketing checklist with some of our top tips and tricks, including:

  • Automation
  • Abandoned cart campaigns
  • Rewards and customer loyalty programs
  • User-generated content
  • Gift guides

1. Automation

Automation is the number one thing you’ll want to set up for your holiday promotions. Automations save you time. You can set it and forget it, and come back to it once the holidays are over to see how your campaigns went. Advance schedule promotions so they publish or send on their own (remember to test them first!)

Here are some tools we recommend to set up automations for your Shopify store:

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2. Abandoned cart campaigns

Almost half of abandoned cart emails are opened, and more than a third of clicks lead to purchases. This is a major opportunity for eCommerce brands during the holidays (bonus: they can be automated!) For your abandoned cart emails, consider holiday-specific messaging and creative. Remember, most of these shoppers are looking for gifts.

Look to these tools to help get your abandoned cart campaigns up and running on Shopify (Shopify also has a helpful guide):

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3. Rewards/loyalty programs

Many brands consider seasonal shoppers one-timers, but this is an opportunity to create lifelong brand advocates. They can not only return to your store for future purchases, but also spread the word. Consider this: A 5% boost in customer retention could generate up to a 95% increase in profitability.

What’s more, reward-based promotions are more effective than discounts, contrary to what you might think.

Get started with your customer loyalty program with these Shopify apps:

4. User-generated content

Incorporate UGC to build trust in your brand and also arm your marketing team with content to repurpose for other channels and campaigns. UGC is super effective: 54% of consumers trust information from online reviews and recommendations from their peers, compared to the 20% who trust brands themselves.

To use UGC for your holiday marketing campaigns, check out the Yotpo app.

5. Gift guides

’Tis the season for giving! Everyone wants to be the hero of the holidays and find the best gift, but it can be hard and overwhelming for these shoppers. Create gift guides to inspire them with ideas from your store. This also provides the convenience of saving time, as well as positioning your brand as an expert on the niche.

Use gift guides to create a seamless eCommerce experience. Allow users to view the gift guide and easily transition into buying one or more of the items on the list. To take it a step further, keep SEO in mind when creating gidt guides to optimize your site for searches like 'holiday gifts for coworkers'.