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BVA is an award-winning digital marketing agency in San Diego, CA that helps identify your target audience and translate your business goals into a robust marketing strategy.

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We are a commerce agency located in San Diego, CA, that incubates and grows the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that people love.

BVA was founded in San Diego in 2013. Our services were originally limited to Facebook Advertising but have now grown into an extensive list of eCommerce marketing tactics. What started off as a small agency focused on San Diego companies quickly grew to serve big-name brands such as Native (a P&G brand) and Chubbies Shorts. Over the years of delivering high return-on-invest (ROI) and growing our clients, we’ve picked up repeatable processes that consistently deliver results.

BVA was founded in San Diego in 2013. Our services were originally limited to Facebook Advertising but have now grown into an extensive list of eCommerce marketing tactics.

Leveraging our data capabilities and technology-driven machine learning, we craft and execute strategic digital marketing and media plans that increase customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and lead to measurable and sustainable business growth. We focus on forming and nurturing relationships with consumers that have the highest customer lifetime value (CLTV). We do this through a digital marketing and media mix tailored to your brand’s unique needs, and that includes the right combination of traditional and progressive digital marketing services and digital media channels.

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Our Digital Marketing Services for San Diego Businesses

Digital Marketing Agency San Diego We will work to understand and define your target market and buyer personas so that we can drive the right traffic to your digital store. We help brands acquire customers sustainably by creating and executing eCommerce marketing strategies that combines both digital marketing services and media channels.
  • Shopify Plus Web Design and Launch: We build high-converting, high-functioning eCommerce websites for DTC brands looking to scale or net-new brands looking to build their presence online. We use best-in-class technology to create an unparalleled UX.
  • SEO: BVA is an seo agency for all things on-page and off-page SEO. Our team are experts on optimized content, link-building, technical SEO and domain authority practices. We even offer SEO support for site migrations so your website keeps its leverage on Google.
  • PPC: Our PPC agency will help drive ROAS with customer acquisition, retention, engagement and loyalty tactics through our pay-per-click campaign strategies. DTC brands looking for prime real estate on Google utilize our SEM team's years of experience to leverage quality traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing: BVA provides expert Organic Social and Paid Social marketing services to disrupt the consumer's bloated online experience and offer unique, curated content to drive engagement and brand awareness for your business.
  • Email Marketing: We leverage data & analytics to create strategic email campaigns that engage leads and strengthen customer retention. Our services include everything from automation flow set-up to message optimization.
  • Creative UX/UI: Our art directors and UX/UI designers create immersive web experiences through brand storytelling, unique content and optimized path to purchase flows. BVA's team offers all aspects creative- from product photography to website design to brand development.
  • Affiliate: With over 20 years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing space, BVA understands the evolving landscape of paid partner relationships online. Our team works with the best platforms and partners to give your brand valuable exposure to your target audiences.
  • Subscription Services & Recurring Payments: BVA’s marketing experts offer subscription services and recurring payments for all eCommerce businesses. This service will allow you to be competitive in the market with your customers looking to purchase goods and services on a personalized and convenient level.

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Testimonials From Our Clients and Partners

“Both our teams at BVA have worked hard with us to reshape sleep optimization. When I say ‘our teams,’ I mean it. From website redesign to social media advertising, BVA is a smart, strategic, and valuable extension of our internal marketing team.” Kate Albers, E-Commerce Manager, Chili

"BVA provides world class support for our Amazon, Shopify Storefront and Paid Media strategies. The communication and project management at BVA far exceeds expectations. BVA has a deep bench and is flexible in terms of providing the specific support we need within the given budget." Kevin Mecum, Digital Marketing Manager, Swisse

“BVA operates seamlessly as an extension of our marketing team. Since Day 1, BVA took the initiative to become deeply ingrained with our brand strategies, goals, and objectives. They use their intimate knowledge of our business to ensure our paid media efforts best align with our growth aspirations.” Felicia Reno, Group Brand Manager, The WD-40 Company

"BVA has been a tremendous strategic partner on both the Paid Media and Storefront sides of our business. Their depth of skill and knowledge, coupled with strong account and project management expertise has been and will continue to be a major asset to our team." Steve Neff, VP Digital Marketing, Lifetime Brands

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BVA is hiring for website development jobs and digital marketing careers in the San Diego area. We'd like to think we have the whole work-life balance figured out. If you're looking for an agency job where you can work with exciting clients, innovative coworkers and enjoy a pleasant company culture, we're your people. Check out our career opportunities and apply today.

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Crafting and successfully executing a high performing digital marketing strategy takes a lot of technical knowledge and time investment. Not leveraging the correct channels or mismanaging your ad spend can hinder your business growth and raise customer acquisition costs. BVA is a San Diego marketing agency made of experienced media specialists across all channels - allow us to help scale your business through digital marketing efforts.

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