Our Top Three Tips For Holiday Email Marketing

Are you ready for the holidays? Holiday email marketing is one of your secret weapons to driving revenue for your DTC brand's holiday promotion. According to Optinmonster 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions in 2021. What does this mean for your DTC brand? You should be implementing an email marketing strategy.

Here's a sneak peek of our top three tips for holiday email marketing!

1) Optimize your shopping abandonment strategy.

The average shopping cart abandonment rate sits just under 70%, so a thoughtful abandoned cart recovery strategy is a vital strategy for any successful commerce brand. Try using a series of three emails to maximize impact:

  • The Accident: The first email should reach a user immediately after their cart is abandoned. Lead the email with a helpful reminder to the user that (oops) they still have items in the cart.
  • The Value Proposition: After 24 hours, lead your email with customer service oriented content that reminds the user why it is safe and preferable to buy from your brand as opposed to a competitor.
  • The Incentive: If the first two didn’t work, send the final email at 72 hours with an incentive or offer to persuade the user to complete their purchase.

Loss aversion and the power of urgency

It’s a well-known fact that the fear of “missing out” is part of our human nature. Luckily, there exists a wide range of tactics that can help you take advantage of this phenomenon in eCommerce, and trigger loss aversion by decreasing friction to purchase, increasing desire to purchase, and addressing general FUDs (fears, uncertainties, and doubts) to maximize conversions. Use your power of persuasion with the following optimizations:

  • Leverage scarcity messaging, reminding users that their size may sell out if they wait too long to buy.
  • Deploy a countdown timer with or without a discount code.
  • Include final order and shipping dates onsite and within emails so users have a clear understanding of when to order.
  • Promote early bird pricing for some of your products and services.

The design of these emails should focus on the helpful message you are delivering to the user and include calls to action that link directly back to the product in question.


3) Responsiveness is king.

To this day, email campaigns are designed for optimal viewing on desktop. However, with mobile email opens as high as 67% and mobile commerce up 54% YoY, campaigns must be designed for mobile devices first, desktop second. Imagine a scenario where a subscriber on a mobile or tablet device experiences a visually broken email campaign. That user very well may skip the purchase and go right for the unsubscribe link.

If you’re new to mobile design and don’t have a professional resource available, try following these guidelines:

  • Single column layout
  • Minimalist design
  • User-friendly navigation and CTA buttons
  • Compact images with proper alt-text

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